Russia Says "Premature" To Organise Biden- Putin Summit On Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, "It's premature to talk about any specific plans for organising any kind of summits."

There is an understanding that dialogue should be continued at the level of foreign ministers," Peskov said, adding that there are "no concrete plans in place" for a presidential summit.

"If necessary, of course, the Russian and American presidents can decide to hold a telephone call or connect via other methods," the Kremlin spokesman added.

Putin was set to chair an emergency meeting of the Kremlin's Security Council later Monday, Peskov said

Tensions between Moscow and Western capitals have been growing for weeks over a feared Russian attack on Ukraine and a large build-up of Moscow's troops around Ukrainian borders.

Leaders of separatist-controlled regions in eastern Ukraine ordered civilians to leave for Russia last week, citing what they said was an escalation in tensions on the front line with Ukraine's army.

Peskov told reporters that fresh fighting between separatists and the Ukrainian army had made the situation on the ground "extremely tense".

"We're talking about provocative and aggressive actions being carried out by the Ukrainian army that are endangering people's lives," Peskov said.

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